Currently known HGH scam schemes or fake growth hormone vendors

Here I will not talk about the countless HGH sprays or supplements which claim to increase your natural HGH levels. There is another page dedicated to those. Here I aim to expose the growth hormone scam traps which will steal the victim's money or send them fake HGH.

Please note that this list is a work in progress and will be updated as new fraudulent HGH "shops" are found. If you have been scammed while trying to buy growth hormone online, please report your story with as much detail as possible (including payment recipient's name or bitcoin wallet address, all communication log, etc) and send it to me at info at

The 5kits copycat scammer (not to be confused with the real 5kits)

This one deserves his own paragraph as he seems to be the most persistent scammer who has been around since July 2014. Primarily his trap sites were geared towards targeting returning customers of the real 5kits. 5kits being the most well known and long standing HGH vendor had its .com domain confiscated by Legitscript and Enom domain registrar, creating a brief period of confusion where returning customers could not find the 5kits website. The scammer seized the opporunity and created After getting lucky a few times he expanded his HGH fraud scheme to multiple websites, which appear different in design, but serve the same purpose. Later on the scam websites were modified to target all HGH brand names. Nowadays his victims find the trap sites on google while searching for HGH related keywords.

Although he uses proxy servers when accessing the internet, my best educated guess would be he is located in United Kingdom. The western union recipients he has used in the past are: Neil Godfrey and Gary Neil Harrison from North Square, Dorchester, United Kingdom. There is a web page dedicated solely on exposing him at

Fake 5kits websites:

  • This is another website run by the "5kits copycat scammer" only here he is not targeting the returning 5kits customers. Instead here he goes for all known HGH brands in hopes to lure in people who google those keywords. In the past his primary payment method was western union, sent to a recipient in United Kingdom but he has since moved to Bitcoin.
  • Judging by his modus of operandi this is yet another fraud trap run by the "5kits copycat scammer". After filling in the contact form, he would contact the victim by email and patiently exchange messages until the time comes to get the western union or bitcoin payment. After he gets the victim's money there is no further communication from him.
  • This site lists Hypertropin for sale at a fraction of the actual manufacturing cost. It seems the scammers just lists every bodybuilding related product they can find, attractively price it and wait for the victims.
  • NuCare Pharm (Ukraine): Presenting themselves as official distributor or sometimes even manufacturer of various HGH brands, without having any contact with the actual companies. They seem to have no dedicated website of their own except showing up on various B2B places. Somehow people get contacted by them enough to be worth mentioning here.
  • This site lists Hypertropin for sale at a price lower than the actual manufacturing cost. It seems the scammers lists every HGH brand he could find on google. The photos of the products are taken from google images.
  • Same people behind this as only different website skin